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The Impact Of Contingent Compensation On Employee...

The effect of contingent compensation on employee performance in hospitality industry Introduction Compensation is regarded as one of the most persistently motivating ways to incentive employees (Torres Adler, 2012). So, it is important for a company to choose a reasonable compensation system which can not only increase the revenue but also can motivate the employees to do the better job (Johnson, Friend Agrawal, 2016). Many companies will consider carefully about designing the compensation system to retain and recruiting the employees (Torres Adler, 2012). More and more companies in nowadays business environment choose the contingent compensation to motive their employee better (Conte 1992). The contingent compensation is a kind of intensive mechanism which can not only use financial measurement such as profit but also use a nonfinancial measure such as produce quality, consumer satisfaction to evaluate the employee s performance. And this study will focus on two kinds of contingent compensation: employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) and profit sharing plans. Most of the res earch about contingent compensation is about the general business and almost none of them have studies this kind of compensation system in the hospitality industry. So, I want to examine the effect of contingent compensation on employee performance in the hospitality industry. The importance of this study is to fill the research gap which is to talk about the relationship between theShow MoreRelatedContrast the essential differences between the best-fit and the best-practices compensation model. Which do you think is more suitable for Egyptian organizations?997 Words   |  4 Pagesthe company wants to accomplish, how it wants to behave, and the kinds of performance and performance levels it must demonstrate to be effective. Business strategy, driving individual and organizational behaviors, is the touchstone for the development of the reward strategy. The contingent nature of the reward system is emphasized by Lawler (1995, p. 14) when he states, indeed the new pay is not a set of compensation practices at all, but rather a way of thinking about the role of reward systemsRead MoreEssay on Management Planning and Controlling661 Words   |  3 Pagesquite difficult to predict the optimal targets. [pic] Figure: Bellagio Casino and Resort Corporate Diversification Strategy 2. Describe contingent factors (as discussed in seminar 12) that are relevant in the determination of the Management Control System choices at the Bellagio In the case of Bellagio Casino and Resort, the three main contingent factors in the determination of the Management Control System alternatives are discussed below; Organizational factors: By analyzing the organizationalRead MoreCompensation Packages Are Tools Used By Members Of Management Essay1334 Words   |  6 PagesCompensation packages are tools used by members of management to further the existence of a company. Primary uses of compensation include recruitment, retention and reward. Using compensation to recruit and retain qualified employees is a commonality among employers and compensation levels for new hires are often set competitive to other employers seeking to hire from the same candidate pool. Compensation used as a reward for exceptional job performance is often in the form of bonuses or commissionsRead MorePersonnel Management924 Words   |  4 Pagesinvolves deliberate determination of objectives, planning of human resource requirements such as recruitment, selection, and training. It also involves forecasting of personnel needs, changing values, attitudes and behaviour of employees and their impact of the organization. Organization This involves establishing an intentional structure of roles for people in an organization. The structure considers chain of command, division of labour and assignment of responsibility. The end result willRead MoreWal Mart s Lowering Price967 Words   |  4 Pagesand domestic shifts within respective communities. Despite being beneficial for consumers, Wal-Mart’s economical and business practices have destroyed competitors within local communities and affected profits in such a way as to limit adequate compensation for its employees. This issue emerges from a reciprocity that exists solely between the company and its customers. Wal-Mart’s employees and workers belonging to other local retail corporations are neglected; and thus the image of the company remainsRead MoreHuman Resources Management Overview1207 Words   |  5 Pagesrequirements, continuous improvement initiatives, the contingent workforce, decentralized work sites, and employee involvement† (DeCenz o Robbins, 2007. p. 4). HRM is responsible for the following areas; recruiting, training, motivating, and retaining employees. In addition to the preceding, Human Resources has also expanded its responsibilities and handles employee compensation, employee benefits and 401K plans, performance management, and performance reviews. Since personal experiences are requiredRead MoreEmployee Performance Management At International Operations1621 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Given that the essential mission of a human resources management department is to maximize employee contribution in service of an employer s strategic objectives we could say that therefore managing employee performance is one of the core mission of a human resources department. (Johnason, 2009). Some changes in the business environment such as globalization and deregulation of markets are fostering companies’ internationalization. At the same time the decreasing barriers for new entrantsRead MoreThe United States Department Of Labor2365 Words   |  10 PagesThe use of contingent workers is an ever increasing practice in today’s business world. The United States Department of Labor (2013) views the same as both sound advancement and reason for worry. This paper will explore the history, theories, implications for leaders, and relative trends of this class of workers. (2015) states that a contingent worker is a Temporary employee who is (1) hired for contingent work, (2) paid according to hours worked, and (3) draws no benefitsRead MoreCost Club One Essay examples1452 Words   |  6 Pagesotherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin; or (2) to limit, segregate, or classify his employees or applicants for employment in any way which, would deprive or tend to deprive any individual of employment opportunities or otherwise adversely affect his status as an employee because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or nationalRead MoreThe Role of Perceived Organizational Support and Supportive Human Resource Practices on Hourly (Non-Exempt) Retail Hr Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty.1348 Words   |  6 PagesSupportive Human Resource Practices of hourly (non-exempt) retail HR employees may be related to low employee satisfaction and loyalty. The inferences of this study for HR practice leaders and their organizations are significant because a lack of perceived organizational support, may lead to poor employee satisfaction and loyalty, thereby adding costly affects of negative employee morale and turnover. Employee turnover represents a practical problem to an organization in terms of loss of talent and additional

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The Gap Between Wealthy And Poor Community - 915 Words

Living in America, it is easily noticeable to tell the difference between a wealthy and poor community. Income inequity is in a variety of issues and topics between rich and poor. It is the extent to how income is distributed unevenly among the population that keeps on increasing the gap between the rich and poor. Income inequity creates a problem to where low-income high schools are not receiving the same benefits or resources as high-income high schools. The differences between these two, is from the location in which the schools are located. Income inequity brings a conflict and a solution to where low-income high schools can start moving forward to receiving the same benefits or resources as high income high schools, is to have the government provide more funding of resources to the low income schools, and to have donations from the well-off schools. High school is the most important part of a teenager’s life where it educates the students about different subjects and has them understand why education is a huge factor in living. The problem that takes place with low-income high schools that was stated in the article â€Å"How Poverty Affects Behavior and Academic Performance† by Eric Jensen is that: Students require healthy learning and exploration for optimal brain development [and in] impoverished families, there tends to be a higher prevalence of such adverse factors as teen motherhood, depression, and inadequate health care, all of which lead to decreased sensitivityShow MoreRelatedSocial Inequality Is A Persistent Issue That Affects The1106 Words   |  5 Pagesvicious cycle, established through the disproportionate availability of opportunities and unequal distribution of resources, beings to erode the family unit, churches and communities. Therefore, social inequality impacts poverty and wealth through labeling, mass incarceration, crime, education and the creation of the working poor. Labeling Society imposed labels on poverty and wealth creates a strain on upward mobility through symbolic interactionism. While resources and power are often studiedRead MoreTechnological Advancement Of Laptops On The Secondary Education School System1615 Words   |  7 PagesTeachers are supposedly teaching their students to be the best they can be. Technological advancement of laptops in the secondary education school system hinders students learning by decreased test scores, the increased education gap between classes, the increased frustration of students, and the enabled abuse of educational resources. The teachers are the decision makers in deciding if laptops are crucial for success or if laptops lead to failure. The world is surrounded with technology. To getRead MoreImpact Of Education On The Construction Of School Education1177 Words   |  5 Pagesthat students can acquire, it incarnates the specific communities social status. Most upper class s schools tend to focus on strong literacy, while the lower class s schools focus on basic literacy. The focus of higher social level schools is to allow students to enter the occupations that they are interesting in, thus the social inequality will continuously for next generation. And this means that wealthy people are more wealthy, but the poor people are more poorer. Moreover, TheRead MorePoverty And Poverty1302 Words   |  6 Pagesrace as a whole, that is that 100% of us are affected by pollution in which both the wealth and poor contribute to. A lot of research results has brought us to the conclusion that poverty and environmental degradation are connected. These impoverished communities are not only contributors to the pollution, like we all are, but they are victims of pollution (Shah, 2005). Due to constant demand of the wealthy, many areas that are impoverished are used as an area devoted to supplying the needs of thoseRead More`` Wealth `` By Andrew Carnegie929 Words   |  4 PagesIn his article â€Å"Wealth†, Andrew Carnegie argues for the wealth to give back their wealth to the community by providing â€Å"public institutions of various kinds †¦ [to] improve the general condition of the people† (Foner 30). Carnegie uses this article to promote his Gospel of Wealth idea and provide his interpretation of the changing America. Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth stated that â€Å"those who accumulated money had an obligation to use it to promote the advancement of society† (Foner 28). Carnegie’s articlesRead MoreSocial Mobility And The Social Class884 Words   |  4 Pageseducation. Moreover, we almost never change our class to others especially to upper class. Throughout this story, the author said that social limitation and social mo bility make a huge gap that cannot narrow easily between the wealthy people and the poor people in our society. Also these systems keep making the gap bigger and it showed in the story by using the monkey, bills, and the people in the party. Therefore, the rich has too many advantages than the non-rich, it is unfair. So, if everyone notRead MoreLow- Income Families Access to Better Education Essay883 Words   |  4 Pagesthe education and teaching is the same in a low-income area and wealthy or middle class area. This is not necessarily true. According to the New York Times, It is a well- known fact that children from affluent families tend to do better in school (New York Times 1). If students that are in affluent families getting a better education, we need to help low-income families get access to better education. Education in low -income communities is a social injustice because it disadvantages low -income studentsRead MoreA Poor Child Of Poverty924 Words   |  4 PagesA p oor child sentenced to a lifetime of poverty is caused by the foundations of his or her education. When a child is raised on the losing side of the social spectrum goes to school, it isn’t the school that could potentially bring them out from the depths of poverty, but one that keeps them drowning in the same things their parents did. Unlike the poor, the middle class has a lead way to both sides. They are far enough up the spectrum to work hard to reach the top or give up and hit the bottom andRead MoreEssay On Reading Levels Based On Economic Standing1672 Words   |  7 PagesPuschett, and Avery Mueller There is a large gap in the reading levels of children based on their familys economic standing. Children from wealthy families are exposed to more literature than children from low-income families. This is due to something known as the â€Å"Word Gap.† â€Å"... and by the time these children are 5 years old, the poor ones will have heard 30 million fewer words than their wealthy peers.†(Lahey, â€Å"Poor Kids and the ‘Word Gap’) Having low literacy skills at such a young ageRead MoreShould Not Be Paid Than A Wealthy Person Pay 40?1025 Words   |  5 Pagestaxes. No one has the right to tell me what to do with my money. It’s unjust to make the job creators pay more in taxes and give to others in an attempt make us all equal. Equality is subjective, what would be the correct amount in taxes should a wealthy person pay 40 or 50 percent? We also shouldn t be punished for our earnings. Most of the rich are not as the public perceives us to be; cold and ruthless. The rich evoke jealousy and envy, which is why those who have not worked as hard as us want

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What is Scapegoating Free Essays

Scapegoat has been going on for centuries, people blaming others for their misfortunes even though the ones that are being punished ad nothing to with it at all. The best known example of scapegoat are the Nazi’s, who blamed the Jewish people for Germany’s economic problems and along with many other difficulties that hit Germany post-World War l. The Nazi’s accused the Jews of being part of a hypothetical conspiracy against Germany and in which cause the death Of over 6 million innocent people. We will write a custom essay sample on What is Scapegoating? or any similar topic only for you Order Now There have been ;o theories that explain scapegoat which are, frustration-aggression-displacement and ideological theories of scapegoat. The frustration-aggression-displacement theory is based on the frustration hero of aggression, meaning frustration causes aggression but if that aggression can’t be emitted to the main sources then that person’s aggression will be displaced toward an easier target. An example, a woman is becoming frustrated because she is being yelled at by her manager, but will not act aggressively with the fear of losing her job the women will leave work to go home and where she will displace that aggression toward the Innocent target which in case will be her child. The child is innocent third party and becomes the replacement for her manger. The frustration-aggression- displacement theory was the first theory of scapegoat but even with 60 years of research it still lacks substantial support for it to be true. There was a study done by Carl Havilland and Robert Sear, about the relation of the economic conditions in the 1 ass’s and the hate crime of lynching African Americans people. The researchers wanted to prove that white people were using the African Americans as scapegoat when the economic conditions declined but Donald and colleagues later found with modern statistical tools that the link couldn’t truly exist. Thus this theory cannot explain why some outgrows are chosen to be scapegoats and others aren’t. The ideological theory is the one that will explain why outgrows are chosen to be the scapegoats. The ideological will provide a scapegoat that explains the dilemmas, the people will use this ideology to satisfy the need to understand the reasons for their shortage. The ingrown will make themselves feel better by picking out a common outgrip to compare with and know where to direct the blame. The scapegoats have little power since the ingrown knows he outgrip won’t resist, they already disliked the group, may also be chosen because Of their noticeable features or have well-known stereotypes which makes them standout and can be seen as a threat to society. The example of a current scapegoat can be the illegal immigrates, since they have no papers that makes them a citizen people will use them for cheap labor but will also blame them for united states economic troubles and say that their the reason that we are becoming over populated. Describe the relative deprivation theory of prejudice. How is relative deprivation a source of dissatisfaction and resentment and how can this lead to prejudice? Also, how can feelings of relative gratification lead to prejudice? The main meaning of relative deprivation theory is people comparing their lives or possessions to others and beginning to feel deprived relative of things they used before or seen other with and believe the people don’t deserve those resources. There are two types of relative deprivation theory. The personal relative deprivation means a person is feeling deprived of as an individual and the group relative deprivation is the person is feeling that their group is being deprived of benefits or of experiences. The group relative deprivation is the type that is connected to prejudice. People become dissatisfied with their lifestyle and envious Of those with a more appealing way of living, making them believing they are the ones who truly deserve it and will start to resent that particular group for obtaining that lifestyle. A study was conducted by Reeve Vanessa and Thomas Pettier that had data of white people that felt group deprived. The result showed that 54% aid they were group relative deprivation expressed negative arrogance’s towards African American compared to the 42% that were low in group relative deprivation and showed no connection to prejudice. The opposite of relative deprivation is relative gratification, which is when a people is feeling they are getting better than what they really deserve. The study done by Grammar and Edwards proved that relative gratification can lead to prejudice by asking people if they think in the future their economic situations can either worsen (relative deprivation), or become better (relative gratification), r will it stay the same. They found that both economic futures that changed were also willing to endorse political violence. The same Study was constructed by Gumming and Dammars but they added ethic prejudice to be the dependent variable and found that both groups that experienced relative gratification and relative deprivation were more prejudice than the controlled group. The feelings of relative gratification can lead to prejudice by people comparing themselves to the outgrip and having negative beliefs of how the outgrip became more successful. 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My biggest gripe Essay Example For Students

My biggest gripe Essay The Dumb FarmWe have all encountered someone dumb in our lives, and most likely, it has been more than one person. Everyday I meet someone who is completely oblivious to what is happening, or someone who speaks out loud before they think about what they are going to say. Yes, at times we all have our dumb moments, but some people live life being dumb. For example, students that raise their hands every five minutes and make obnoxious comments or ask questions that have just been answered. The people who, during every passing period, abruptly stop in the middle of a crowded hallway and talk with six of their friends right in front of the door. People who go up to the most crowded, most popular movie theatre in town and try to pay with a credit card when they know the theatre has accepted only cash for the last four years, then try to tell the ticket seller they paid with a credit card last time. Lunch ladies who are incapable of calculating five dollars minus one dollar, or, who quite frankly cannot count at all. People who get on your every last nerve all the time, and are to dumb to notice. These are all examples of people who are dumb, and the sad part: we have to live with people like this every day. The good news is that I have come up with a solution. First, a test is taken once every year to determine exactly how dumb you are. The test will measure common sense, social skills, and overall knowledge. A failing grade in any one of these categories will result in the second part of the solution: departure. A desolate spot in the world will be reserved for test failures, for now we will refer to this place as the dumb farm. Anyway, this is where they will live forever so they can breed with people equally dumb as themselves. This way, a smart person will not have the opportunity to breed with someone dumb and the chances of having dumb children in our world will lessen. The dumb farm will be exactly like our civilization, except that the dumb people will run it. They will have the jobs, they will make the rules, and maybe some smart people could help them get started. Schools wouldnt work because no one would be qualified to teach, but realistically, there was probably no hope for these children anyway. I bet you are wondering who will determine what dumb means, and how we will keep the dumb farm from becoming overpopulated. Well, smart people will determine dumb. We would first have to find a way to establish a few smart people, that way they can administer the first test. We are guessing that the people in the dumb farm will have offspring (these children can take the test if they wish, to see if they are smart) and eventually, after a few generations of dumb people, they might become too dumbto breed. Sooner or later they will, and then they will all be gone. So, in conclusion, we want the dumb people to die off. At first, this may seem harsh, but the results will be worth it. Smart people will be able to live life every day without feeling astonished from witnessing stupidity. This process would be the beginning to a more advanced society. We wouldnt have to spend our time feeling sorry for the less fortunate. Honestly, stress in the smart people would m inimize, and this too would better our educated world. We wont have to yell profanities while we drive, or get mad because, while in the grocery line, the person behind us has hit us with their cart at least five times in two minutes. This could be the beginning of world peace, and it can all start with the departure of a few dumb people.

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Response about Landscape and Narrative by Barry Lopez

As the title illustrates, ‘Landscape and Narrative’ by Barry Lopez illustrates the relationship between the landscape and a narrative.   The author illustrates that a narrative serves its purpose if it manages to illustrate the relationship between the interior and the exterior landscape effectively and in an orderly manner.Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on Response about Landscape and Narrative by Barry Lopez specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The exterior landscape represents the earth and the ecosystem while the interior landscape represents the mind, thoughts and everything that happens in a person’s mind.   Therefore,  it is clear that Lopez uses the issue of landscape to illustrate the role of a narrative as well as the points that ought to be considered to come up with an effective narrative. Lopez illustrates that a narrator should have knowledge on the interior and exter ior landscape to come up with an effective narrative. Since the exterior landscape represents the land, a narrator is supposed to have a lot of knowledge on the   Ã‚  same to be in a position to effectively provide the relationship between the two landscapes. However, since it is not possible to have full knowledge on the land or the exterior landscape, observing the relationship between different elements can be very helpful. Most importantly, the author illustrates that full knowledge can only be realized if all the elements are studied together not separately. For instance, in an organization, there are different departments and the importance of each department can only be understood if someone studies how the whole system works. By so doing, the narrator is able to represent the exterior environment in such a way that the reader can identify with it and believe the narrator. Apart from that, the way it is presented is also a consideration as well as the phrases used since it is important to ensure that all readers at all levels can be in a position to grasp the main idea and understand the content. In that case, Lopez has succeeded in illustrating how a story can be informative since it is a main prerequisite of an effective narrative. The role of a narrative is also a major idea that is brought out throughout the whole story.   Lopez   illustrates   that a well organized story that  unites the two landscapes is able to result to a state   of well being   since it is stated that â€Å" The  Ã‚   listener who takes the   story to heart will feel pervasive sense of congruence within   himself and   also in the world â€Å"(Lopez pp. 44). Therefore, according to Lopez, a well written story has got the power of healing and even  nurturing the spirit  of human beings after uniting the interior and the exterior landscape. Moreover, it provides individuals with knowledge concerning various elements in the land through studying their r elationship as illustrated by the narrator.Advertising Looking for critical writing on american literature? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Lopez uses the example of a narrative to illustrate the constituents of an effective narrative as well as the eventual roles played by the same. Use of the wolverine stories is very effective since by so doing, the reader grasps the intent of the author without major difficulties. Moreover, the  story also illustrates the power of presenting information of the exterior environment in an orderly manner and in a way that the reader can identify with the elements of the land. As a result, the author is able to believe the narrator and to take the information as truth. As an example, Lopez explains that after sending the information about the wolverine to a friend, she got a positive response though the friend had never seen the creatures. Therefore, although Lopez does not concentrate so mu ch on presentation, she has made a major contribution in illustrating not only the role, but also the constituents of `the story. In conclusion, Lopez states that â€Å"As long as the  storyteller carefully  describes the  order before him, and uses his story telling skill to heighten and emphasize certain relationships, it is even possible for the story to be more successful  than the story teller himself is able to imagine† (Lopez pp. 146). Work Cited Lopez, Barry. Landscape and Narrative . 1970. Web. This critical writing on Response about Landscape and Narrative by Barry Lopez was written and submitted by user K0hen to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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010 Topic and Research Questions Professor Ramos Blog

010 Topic and Research Questions Quick Write Quick Write What topic are you going to research? What questions do you have about the report? Specific Research Questions The topic or issue will help narrow down what you can research for your report. A specific research question will help focus your research to a specific area. A broad question like â€Å"What is global warming?† is way to big to write about and try to research in our time allotted. Plus, that one has already been answered. A better, more narrow question on this topic would be, â€Å"How does global warming affect the California shorelines?† This research question narrows down a broad topic and connects it to you. If you are a Business major, you might want to ask, â€Å"What are carbon credits, and how might they affect the California economy?† This question connects your interest or topic to your major. Report Purpose and Topic Answer questions. Review what is already known about a subject. Report new knowledge. I take your point The concepts we will be studying about writing also pertain to oral conversations. The templates from Chapter 12 show how to frame a comment in response to a discussion or argument. How to change a topic as well as how to be clear when speaking and writing. Reality is Broken Introduction What is McGonigal arguing for in her introduction? We will spend todays discussion framing our responses to one another. Chapter 12 helps us understand this idea. Take a look at the templates used to frame a comment in response to someone else.

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Explain Geoffrey Parker's concept of the western way of War How does Essay - 1

Explain Geoffrey Parker's concept of the western way of War How does the Western way of war influence current US action in Iraq and Afghanistan - Essay Example II. What are the parallels between the US action in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the main concepts discussed in Western Way of War? The main parallel of the Middle East wars with Parker’s work is the use of the war strategy that focuses on the enemy’s total defeat and eventual destruction. A. How did the US respond in the face of the looming war in both countries? In the face of the looming wars, the US decided that it would be best to attack the two countries. The use of new military technology, techniques and strategy was evident in the US response. B. How did the military prepare for the attacks and counter attacks? The US was far inferior to the enemy in terms of numbers. This necessitated the use of advanced economic organization to make war strategies practical4. V. How Has the Western Way of War influenced the eventual outcome of the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan? The wars were being used as a tool to achieve what politics could not had had failed to achieve. The US used the war as a means of stamping its authority and advancing its politics in the two